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Hocus Pocus (1993)

I am so pleased and blown away that I am able to say: this is the 50th movie for Making and Movies! I never thought I'd make this much but it's been the highlight of the last year and I appreciate the heck out of all of you who follow along. Thank you.

Much like with Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, I fell in love with the costumes from this movie, decided that would be my Halloween costume (before the internet and screenshots or even a VHS to watch). There was a TV show called Movie Magic that covered the special effects of new movies and they had an episode that focused on Hocus Pocus and that became my bible. I still think about that crappy, taped from cable VHS that I watched endlessly trying to find new details. Who could've guessed I'd end up in the profession I'm in? (Again, much appreciation to my mom for entertaining my very specific notions about what kinds of fabrics I needed.) The only thing that's surprising is that I wanted to be Sarah, rather than Mary or Winifred. The hype for Hocus Pocus always makes me giggle now because NO ONE knew who I was that Halloween. I had to explain it to everyone. A few people had heard of the movie but no one had seen it. Now I can't pick up a prescription without seeing Hocus Pocus merch. (I buy it every now and then as a long-distance hug for that eccentric 9 year old.)

As much as I'm not a Sarah, I honestly spend most rewatches these days unable to tear my eyes away from Sarah Jessica Parker. We do her a disservice when we only think of her as Carrie Bradshaw. Her early-mid 90s work is breathtaking. Absolutely uninhibited which is a thing I can't even imagine aspiring to. For a woman, in that era in particular, to be full bodied wacky and sexy is remarkable. See also: her performance in LA Story.

We watched Little Shop of Horrors a few nights ago and I was struck tonight by how similar the production values are. VERY theatrical sets and the performances are Performances. I'm struggling to put that into more articulate words but I like it. As an adult I think I recognize that it is exactly what a Bette Midler vehicle directed by Kenny Ortega should be. But I guess I want more movies like that. Give me deliciously conceived and considered artifice, please.

A couple years ago, my friend Emily and I spent a couple days in Salem. We got to see a lot of the sights and sites of the movie and it's fun to revisit that lovely trip through this movie now. Long live spooky ghost tour host, James St. Vincent.

Linocut. Ink on paper. 11x14"


-I'm overall really happy with this. I set out to do a 17th century style wood block print and I think I succeeded! It was nice to do lino on a larger scale so I could play with more detail (though it was still tough - eyes! what the heck?).

-I did so well on the lettering! ....except for that one s. Sigh.

-I took a workshop on lino a couple weekends ago and learned a lot about inking (in particular) but turns out larger scale prints require different inking. But I'm learning!

Thanks again for reading. Here's to 50 more! And then 50 more after that! And more after that! Next week, the 1990s remake of Sabrina. I hope you have a fabulous week and you have all the magic you need.

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