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The Incredibles (2004)

This movie gave me so much, pop culturally speaking. It introduced me to Michael Giacchino, one of my all time favorite score composers. It taught me Brad Bird's name, whose work on The Simpsons I'd enjoyed for a decade but never knew the man responsible. Without the DVD feature, "Vowellet", I wouldn't be familiar with my favorite nonfiction author and personal hero, Sarah Vowell. I love The Incredibles and I am so incredibly grateful for it.

Watching it tonight, after blabbing all my nonsense earlier today on the post for The World's End, I was struck by the message of being yourself. I struggle with movies like It's a Wonderful Life because I don't believe we're all George Baileys. We haven't all saved lives or even changed them for the better. And we're certainly not all super heroes. But I've been affected lately, too, by platitudes about not making yourself small for the sake of others' comfort. "The moon doesn't shine less for others, why should you?" kinda thing. And I have to admit, I have lived most of my life, pulling back so that people won't be annoyed by me. Nothing makes me bristle more than people scoffing at my knowledge or accomplishments with "of course you [know that, did that, are that]". It's so dismissive. Around a lot of people, I've just stopped saying anything. And then, unfortunately, there are times when I want to step forward and shine but I'm so out of practice it's like a newborn horse. Awkward limbs and panic. So I wish I could buy, whole heartedly into being my super self. But I've just been burned too much. Am I oversharing?

Me at me.

Edna Mode is everything I wish I was as a costume designer (minus the regrettable fat commentary). Bold, confident, fabulous home decor. (I covet her fish tank fireplace.) Ben is trying to convince me to live one day fully as Edna Mode and I have to say, it's tempting. I don't know that I'm that cool though!

I never fully appreciated Dash before this viewing. I naturally gravitate towards Violet, with her voice actor and inclination towards invisibility (but still wanting to be seen! makes me feel seen myself). But Dash is so thoughtfully portrayed. Total boy kid with all that enthusiasm and pent up energy and wanting sooo badly to have permission to be fully himself. There's something incredibly (I can't stop!) touching about the moment in the Mr. Incredible montage where he's playing catch with Dash. Dash is SO STOKED to have that time with that dad and the encouragement to be everything he can be. I'm starting to cry as I write this and realize how much I long for that myself.

The design of this movie is terrific, top to bottom. The nebulous time period, the stylized posters and ephemera, the villain and hero costume designs, the art in the Parr home, the art in Edna's home. Giacchino's brilliant Bond-amped-to-11 score.

Felt, fluff, thread, glue, paint.


-Golly I'm in a slump. I could have done so much better on this. But I dragged my feet and procrastinated and it's just not 100%. But I'm prone to beating myself up about things so I'll focus on the fact that I'm mostly happy with it and it's done!

-I was inspired by my friend, Amber, and her wonderful felt character creations. They're so cute and she uses them so brilliantly as a cheerful little reminder of things that bring joy. I'm going to keep Edna on my desk at work to hopefully inspire myself to be a little more like her.

-Those sleeves were a beast. My order of operations was waaaay off on this one so they were harder than they needed to be. Order of Operations, Shan! Every time! Write it out first!

Tonight, we move to Christmas movies! Maybe my favorite Christmas movie (besides Die Hard) and easily my favorite Muppet movie, The Muppet Christmas Carol.

I hope you all have an incredible week and that you be the very most You you can be. You have my permission. Go. Show off. Hide nothing of yourself. You're super.

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