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The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

What an absolute gift this movie is. I was having Big Dumb Heavy Feelings about both Christmas Carol and Christmas in general but now I feel downright chipper.

I saw this one in theaters when I was 8 years old and watched the VHS year round for the rest of my childhood. A Christmas Carol, as a story, was a big deal in my family and everyone had a favorite version. This was mine. And not just because I was a kid, it's still my favorite because it really captures the story so well. It uses the best of Dickens' prose and moves swiftly. God spare us all from a drawn out telling of Christmas Carol. (Though make no mistake: I have STRONG feelings about watching the "director's cut" which includes Belle's song, "When Love is Gone". Even if I have to watch it in crappy pan & scan.)

I used to run wardrobe and then design the local theatrical production of A Christmas Carol (ACC). It was a shitshow but it was a badge of honor to *make it*. To *survive*. It felt the way I assume marathons feel for some people. A lot of pain but I always felt like I achieved something. I felt like I was surrounded by family. But as I turned down the offer to do it this year (too much pain/trouble for not nearly enough money - literally the taxes sent me into the red by the end of it) I realized it was never family. I agonized over the decision and only one person reached out to say it was too bad I wasn't doing it. It's been a lonely couple months. It just made me realize that I was projecting all kinds of feelings and that realization made me sad and bitter. I'm still trying to work past it. Clearly it's not going so well!

But watching the movie tonight... usually I zone out during the "Bless Us One and All" song but whew. Paul Williams (song writer for the Muppets) is a goddamn gift. "God bless us, every one" has become such a trite statement but the way his lyrics bring it home was devastating. The intercession acknowledging our shortcomings and asking for the strength to love people unconditionally.

Awesome score . Incredible songs. I love Christmas Present. MICHAEL CAINE. I had every intention of coming back and fleshing out these thoughts but I got nothing. Sorry to those of you who came here for the discourse hahaha

"One More Sleep Til Christmas"

Lino print, Ink on paper. 9x12"


-Oh I love this piece. I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

-I've wanted to do a really detailed, value heavy lino print for awhile but was tooooo chicken. I wanted to do a piece for Muppet Christmas Carol that evoked the original John Leech illustrations for Dickens' book, and this seemed like the right time. I don't think I evoked the illustrations in the end - etching would have been better for that - but I still love how it turned out.

-Because I do Christmas movies in December the timing isn't great but I am selling this print on my Etsy store!! I cannot guarantee it will get to you on time but if you order by Monday *there's a chance.*

This Sunday, we'll be watching White Christmas, another movie I have lots of feelings about. Maybe I'll be able to write more? There's no Succession finale to consume this Sunday so let's hope.

I wish the loveliest week for you. It's almost a new year and the holidays are almost over. If they bring you joy, wonderful, if they stress you out or bring painful memories, I hope they pass quickly with quiet moments of comfort and delight.

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